Deb Fennell 
Deb writes freelance for a variety of publications, keeps revising a manuscript for the first book in a Middle Level kid's series and writes poetry.  She will also write employee handbooks, policies and procedures manuals, and just about anything else you need written, if you ask her nicely. And pay her. 
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In addition to free-lance writing, consulting & presenting, Deb worked as a Professional Relations Officer in state government using her writing, communication and technology skills. She has also been a waterparks manager,   camp director,  ski racing program director, assistant ski school director, ski instructor, and held a ton of off-season jobs including  swim instructor, sailing instructor, lifeguard,  waitress, hostess, house painter, camp counselor, and "coach"  to support her skiing obsession. 

Deb and her two dogs live in Vermont.   Deb has also called California, Nevada, Hawaii and Cape Cod home. Her adult  daughter works in the tech industry and helps her mom with advanced tech questions! 

Deb is a UVM and Green Mountain College graduate and took some Master's courses at St. Michael's College. 

When not free-lance writing, consulting or presenting,  Deb is hiking or cross-country skiing with her dogs (depending on the season), skiing or sailing with her daughter, volunteering with a non-profit, visiting with friends or family,  and writing poetry or working on her children's book.
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      Deb has many interests!