Monday, November 11, 2013




I wrote this blog post originally on 11/11/11. 

Once again, I am so thankful to my dad for his service, and I give thanks for all those who choose to serve. 

My dad, Bill Jenkins, served in Germany in WWII. He very rarely speaks of those times, although he once shared a story with me of entering a concentration camp shortly after it was liberated and seeing stacks of bodies as big as a small hill in Vermont. He said he was so young he could barely comprehend what he was seeing. He wanted me to know he had seen first-hand what so many of us can not begin to imagine. He also wanted me to know that if anyone ever tried to say it didn't happen, he was witness that it did. He raised us to stand up against injustice, hatred and racism. On this day, I thank him for his service, for seeing horrific scenes and being able to turn them into amazing life lessons that he passed on to our family and so many others, and for being the best dad ever. Love you, Dad.